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Reality Bites Video Demo 20192:54
  1. Bennie And The Jets_RB COVER Reality Bites 1:24
  2. Everybody Wants To Rule The World_RB COVER Reality Bites 1:09
  3. Float On_RB COVER Reality Bites 1:41
  4. Lovely Day_RB COVER Reality Bites 1:58
  5. My Sharona_RB COVER Reality Bites 1:19
  6. The Middle_RB COVER Reality Bites 1:11
  7. Rio_RB COVER 2021 Reality Bites 1:36
  8. Santeria_RB COVER Reality Bites 1:14
  9. Wonderwall_RB COVER Reality Bites 1:52

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Four veterans of the DFW music scene looking for an outlet to play the music they love. It is our hope, the music we love playing is music audiences love hearing.

With over 30 years of collective experience in many of the area’s top variety bands, we have developed a solid reputation for professionalism, finesse, and musicality in our roles.

Originally formed in April of 2006, Reality Bites performed until 2010. Now back together, we STILL do our own thing, taking familiar tunes to new places with our own crafty signature.

What we don’t do is what everybody else does—this is what makes us Reality Bites!

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For booking, please fill out the form below.  If you would like to reach us directly regarding booking, or anything else related to the band or this site, either email us: bookrealitybites@gmail.com or call 214.402.0860

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